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Nestled in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand that is rightly called the ‘Land of Long White Clouds’, is a truly exotic country famed for its majestic blend of natural surroundings, vibrant culture, leisure life, state-of-art working environment, diversified business market, comprehensive policy framework and a friendly government. New Zealand offers a series of excellent immigration programs that help people from all across the globe to come to the ‘land of Kiwis’ to live, work, travel and study. The New Zealand immigration policy is deliberated to ensure that immigration enhances the cultural and economic progress of the country. If you are planning to move to New Zealand, then Greenaly Immigration Consultant has the perfect means to help you gain New Zealand Immigration Visa. Greenaly Immigration Consultant is a global resettlement solutions provider and is backed by a huge team of professionals who have extensive knowledge of the immigration and visa processes and have been helping people for over two decades. Our professionals will guide you through the entire immigration process and help you gain a visa in the shortest possible time. There are a number of immigration options that are offered by the New Zealand government. These include:-

Skilled Migration Visa

The Skilled Migration Category has been designed to attract highly skilled and qualified migrants to New Zealand, particularly in the industrial sectors and regions that are experiencing growth, but facing shortage of professionals. The country’s selection system is flexible and only important stages are taken into consideration before an applicant can apply for skilled migration to the country.

Business Immigration Visa 

The Business Immigration visa has been designed for individuals who wish to start a new business, take over an existing business or place an investment in the country. There are majorly three types of New Zealand Business Visa: –

  • Investor – This category attracts business people who have capital to invest in New Zealand. It allows them to be granted the permission to become permanent residents if they meet the eligibility criteria.

  • Entrepreneur – If you are an experienced business person and you want to be self-employed in your own business in New Zealand, applying for a work visa under the Entrepreneur Work Visa Category may be an option for you.

  • Employees of Relocating Business – This category facilitates the entry of employees of businesses that have relocated to New Zealand, and who do not qualify for residence under any other business category.


Student Visa

The Government of New Zealand encourages foreign students to study in their universities and colleges. Along with the studies, the students can also work for up to 20 hours a week. Students, who have completed the requisite qualifications and meet the permanent resident criteria, can apply for a work permit and/or permanent residency after completion of their studies.


Work Visa

The main objective of the New Zealand Work Visa is to contribute to the development of the industry and economy of the country by attracting skilled people from all across the world. There are two options under this:

  • Work to Resident – This category allows individuals wishing to permanently settle in the country to upgrade their temporary work visa to a permanent resident visa.

  • Employment – This category allows New Zealand employers to hire foreign skilled workers for positions that are vacant which no local workers are able to fulfill.


Family Visa


The Family Visa category allows the immigrant’s partner/spouse and dependent children up to the age of 24, to obtain permanent resident status in New Zealand. Less dependent family members will require sponsors who have held permanent residency in New Zealand for a minimum of three years. Applicants may require an offer of employment as




New Zealand Student Visa

A strong education system coupled with a low cost of living is something New Zealand manages to strike a balance between effectively. It is the country that attracts thousands of international students every year. New Zealand has certain qualities embedded in its education system and destination strengths that are unique to the country, chief among which is the reputation for academic excellence that has been backed by the past records.

It isn’t surprising that the country has emerged as one of the most sought-after education destinations for international students. The New Zealand study visa is easy to get if the students qualifies the educational requirement.

After you complete your study in Recognized Basic New Zealand Qualification, we would help you in getting one year Work Permit under Study to Work Scheme. After working for one year, you will be eligible to claim minimum qualifying points and easily qualify for Expression of Interest to file for New Zealand Permanent Residency which would be filed by Greenaly Immigration Consultant.

Fast Facts – New Zealand


  • 50-55% marks required

  • Good spoken English required

  • High Visa probability

  • Excellent pay during job training

  • Excellent job prospects after course

  • Intakes almost every month

  • Work off-campus for 20 hours per week during studies

  • High prospects of getting Permanent Residency

  • Government helping in settlement in South New Zealand


Tuition Fee


Tuition Fee per year is NZ $ 16000-18000 approximately. Visa Office Fee for student is extra. The annual fee for College/University is not required to be paid in advance and the education quality is excellent. The fee can vary from program to program and is still lower than other destinations.

Part Time Work

The students are permitted to work 20 hours off-campus every week. The average cost of living is 15,000 NZ$ per annum and it is easy for students to find part-time work with  16.50 $ per hour earning capability.

Adult minimum wage

The adult minimum wage rate for employees aged 16 years or older is $17.70 an hour before tax

Post Study Work Rights for International Students

  • To remove the employer-assisted post-study work visas at all levels;

  • To provide a one-year post-study open work visa for students studying Level 4 – 6 and non-degree Level 7 qualifications, with an additional year for Graduate Diploma graduates who are working towards registration with a professional or trade body;

  • To provide a two-year post-study open work visa for students studying Level 4 – 6 and non-degree Level 7 qualifications outside Auckland, provided study is completed by December 2021, at which point the entitlement for post-study work rights reverts to a one-year post-study open work visa for students studying Level 4 – 6 and non-degree Level 7 qualifications with an additional year for Graduate Diploma graduates who are working towards registration with a professional or trade body;

  • To provide a three-year post-study open work visa for degree Level 7 or above qualifications; and

  • To require international students studying Level 8 qualifications to be in an area specified on the Long Term Skills Shortage list, in order for their partner to be eligible for an open work visa, and in turn the partners’ dependent children to be eligible for fee-free domestic schooling.


Jobs and Employment

Information Technology, MBA & Diploma in Business Management, Health Sciences, Hospitality Management, Graphics and Animation, Travel & Tourism, Nursing, Healthcare and many other sectors offer employment opportunities to the professionals in New Zealand. The country has a very low unemployment rate and the salaries and incentives are numerous for the worthy people



New Zealand Business Visa

An amalgamation of excellent working environment, comprehensive policy framework, high growth opportunities and diversified market place, New Zealand is among the most lucrative destinations for establishing a business or investing in an existing one. The Government of New Zealand has designed special business immigration visa categories that allow foreign entrepreneurs and investors to come to the nation and contribute significantly to the country’s economy.

There are mainly three types of visas that are offered by Immigration New Zealand under the business visa category. These are:-

  • Investor Visa

  • Entrepreneur Work Visa.

  • Employees of Relocating Businesses


Entrepreneur Work Visa

Entrepreneur Work Visa is meant for those who wish to run their own business in New Zealand. Applicants of this category can also apply for an Entrepreneur Residence Visa once they have successfully run their businesses for a minimum of two years (or 6 months in case they meet the extra conditions).
On the other hand, individuals already on a Long Term Business Visa (LTBV) can apply for permanent residency in New Zealand under the Entrepreneur Residence Category.

The basic requirements under this category are as follows:-

  • A minimum capital investment of 100000 NZD (apart from the working capital)

  • Score 120 points or more on the points scale, with points awarded for factors about the likely success of the venture and its contribution to the economy of New Zealand.

  • A clear business plan with satisfactory evidence demonstrating sure-shot success of the business venture in New Zealand

  • Clean recent history of bankruptcy, fraud and business failure

  • Character certificate and medical reports

  • A certificate (no more than two years old at the time of filing the application) from IELTS showcasing an overall band score of a minimum of 4 in the IELTS Academic and General Module, or furnish evidence of an English speaking background. However, IELTS is not compulsory.

  • Minimum 05 years as Senior Management experience or business owner from last 03 years.


How the Entrepreneur Visa Works
An Entrepreneur Work Visa is a three year work visa that includes two stages

  • Start-up stage

  • Balance stage


The start-up Stage:
Under an Entrepreneur Work Visa, you will be given a 12 month work visa initially. This would enable you to buy and/ or establish your business in New Zealand. Work Visa can be extended upto 3 years by satisfying visa officer.


The balance Stage:
Once you show the business migration branch that you have taken the appropriate steps to establish a business in New Zealand, you will receive approval for the remaining 24 months of your Entrepreneur Work Visa.

Examples of steps that can be shown to the business migration branch for this purpose include:

  • Transferring a capital for investment through the banking system

  • Actions that you have taken to establish your business:

  • documents that show the setting up of your business

  • documents for property purchase or taking a lease for the business’ site

  • invoices for equipment and supplies for your business

  • Agreements of employment, bank statements, tility company invoices, etc


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